Our investment philosophy safeguarding your investments

For a number of years, rather than chasing fads, fashion and yesterday’s winner, we have constructed and operated carefully researched and disciplined portfolios for our clients, based on overwhelming independent academic and empirical evidence. Any new investment ‘opportunity’ to the market must meet our strict criteria before it can even be considered for inclusion.  Whilst our investment philosophy has always been provided to our clients and has been readily available to potential clients, it has historically not been the easiest document to absorb. With this in mind, we have undertaken a significant re write of the document. Whilst the underlying message remains the same, it now tells the story in a more flowing and understandable manner.

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It is worth noting that despite the importance of being able to provide a consistent and accountable service to one’s clients, a recent survey showed that the vast majority of Wealth Managers and Investment Advisers do not have a written investment philosophy, which, to our minds, would suggest most firms and individual advisers have a worryingly ad-hoc approach to creating their client’s investment portfolios.