Staff News

It has been a great start to the New Year for us as we continue to seek improvement to the service that we deliver for you. As you’d expect, this is ongoing and our commitment to personal and professional development doesn’t falter.

There has been more examination joy for Michelle, Emma, Alex, Sarah and Pav recently and everyone is committed to further success throughout the year.

We really do believe that Financial Planning can be an exciting profession of the future. Sadly the ‘industry’ of financial advice does not have a great reputation and sometimes justifiably so. But there have been many great things done for many happy clients. That is why we have been evangelical about doing financial planning the right way, with a view to creating a ‘profession’, so that when young people are considering a career after ‘A’ Levels, they will look to study for a Financial Planning degree.

There are now a handful of Universities providing full time degree study for Financial Planning. Sarah and I recently attended an open day and networking event at the internationally renowned Bradford University School of Management at which we were able to meet some of the students of the course. Click here to find out more about the course.

These are some very gifted, talented and highly personable young people, and we both came away excited by the calibre of the next generation for the profession. We may be looking to provide summer or sandwich year employment to one of the undergraduates.

We do understand that life and industry experience is important for our work, however we are also fully wedded to the principle that qualification is a good signifier of how we can better fulfil our fiduciary responsibilities to our clients.

As you may know, Manse Capital is one of the few firms in the UK to be both an Accredited Firm of the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) and a Chartered Firm of the CII. This further demonstrates our commitment to the profession.

Great news for us all here today, as Pav has returned to us after an horrific car accident. We are delighted to see her back and on the mend.