Hospital Doctors Clinical Excellence Awards

As most clients who work in hospital medicine are probably aware the latest proposed changes to the Clinical Excellence Awards have been announced. In this article we will endeavour to set out the main issues but the full publication can be read and downloaded here

Main Proposals

  • The proposals recommend that the existing award system is replaced by a new system that provides a greater emphasis on local awards rather than National awards.
  • Local awards will be made on an annual basis and will be worth up to £35,000 as a one off lump sum and will be awarded to a maximum of 25% of Consultants.
  • National Awards will be awarded on a five year maximum basis (negotiated case by case) and will be worth up to £40,000 per annum and will be restricted to a maximum of 10% of Consultants.
  • For the highest achieving Consultants it will be possible to hold both local and national awards simultaneously.
  • The new awards will NOT be pensionable so will not help participants increase the values of their NHS pensions in retirement, tax free cash lump sums and death in service benefits pre and post retirement.
  • The scheme recommends that after a period of consultation existing Consultants are moved across to the new scheme as quickly as possible.
  • The proposals recognise that existing benefits have been accrued in pension terms as a result of the old scheme being pensionable and it is not the intention of the new scheme to remove or compromise those benefits accrued to date. Although how this will ultimately work is not yet clear. It is possible that the number of years service at the higher level of benefit accrual (due to the current awards being pensionable) will be calculated and then added to the new years service at the lower pensionable income once the Consultant has moved to the new scheme. However this is yet to be confirmed.
  • The scheme also recommends that the first 5 points on the Consultants payscale remain unchanged but beyond that (currently £83,839 – £100,446) pay increases will be based not automatically on the length of service but on achievement.

Below is a diagram showing the proposed structure of the new awards scheme but if you need any further help or comment on how these changes may affect you personally please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you would like Manse Capital to present a seminar to your department on this subject and the changes to pension legislation (annual and lifetime allowances) please get in touch and we would be happy to oblige.