As a business we are faced with ever increasing regulation and costs.  We are keen to avoid passing both the costs and the impact of the regulatory burden on to you wherever possible.  With that in mind, we have undertaken extensive research to use new technologies.

With your agreement we would be looking to implement the following changes which we believe will significantly reduce the amount of paperwork you have to deal with and retain whilst improving still further confidentiality and security of your personal information.

We propose that where you have documents to sign and return you would receive an email with an encrypted link to that document.  You would then be able to read that document and sign it electronically and you will also be able to download it.  This would further avoid the need for both you and Manse Capital to print or post saving unnecessary costs and reducing the environmental impact.

For documents we are required to provide you with that do not require signature, these would be held for you electronically in our back office system behind your client file.  You would then have online access to these files to read and download and even print if you choose.  These documents would be permanently available for you to view.  Typically these documents would include Key Features documents, Fund Fact Sheets and Manse Capital Client Service documentation.

A further benefit of having remote access to our systems, is that you can ensure the information we hold about you and your financial affairs is both current and accurate.  Using this secure online access you would be able to update your personal information, your assets and cash holdings that we do not have authority over.  This would entail having a password to access your information online.   At review, this would also avoid the need for you to return a manually completed pack through the post, again saving time, costs and resources as well as being more convenient for you, as all of the above can be done from wherever you have access to your email and broadband.

We are convinced as to the merits and security of using these services but we are keen to have your thoughts on the matter.  We would really appreciate you taking the time to feedback by clicking the following link:-  –