‘Investors Being Ripped Off?’

‘Investors Being Ripped Off?’ Surely some mistake…

You know by now that we subscribe to the notion of appointing low-cost passive fund managers to improve chances of a successful investment experience. Well, we are seeing more and more defection from the ‘dark side’ of active trading, not least because of the cost. Here, Neil Woodford, one of Britain’s best known ‘star’ fund managers, criticises his industry for charging customers too much…

If you remember we recently highlighted an article in the FT which talked about ‘Hidden Costs That Eat Away At Your Portfolio’, and the investment charges that are never declared to the investor.

And this time last year, we asked ‘How Much Does It Really Cost To Invest’. If you remember, the investment management community decided that it wasn’t in consumers’ best interests to provide the true costs of investing. For some time this data was available in the Simplified Prospectus of each fund manager, but it doesn’t do it now. We thought we’d highlight just what the charges could be.

We make no apology for sharing some of this with you again. We are passionate about ensuring a true and fair deal for investors.

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