Onwards and Upwards

The New Year always brings a fresh resolve and we are no different as we expect 2014 to be an exciting and challenging year ahead. It is already February and we are already catching breath!

New Faces
We are delighted to welcome some new faces to our team. Paul Everett joins us as our Operations Manager with a wealth of experience gained working for Yorkshire Bank, and he will also supervise the compliance regime. Chris Bahra and Pippa Oldfield join us as Trainee Financial Planning Analysts. Chris has been working at Towry and Pippa comes from ethical investment specialists Gaeia, and they have brought a welcome vim and vigour to a well-established team. Jenny Sharp has also joined us as an apprentice from school and is proving to be a delight and a real asset here and she is already exceeding our expectations.

We’ve Listened To You
We are currently developing the medical pages on our website as many of you mentioned that it wasn’t obvious from our website that we still dealt with medics and dentists anymore! Quite the contrary; medical and dental practitioners represent over half of our client book. Together, we have been exercised by the new Lifetime Allowance (LTA) and Annual Allowance (AA) for pensions, and what this means for you and your NHSPS.

Further projects in development include a proposition to fill the advice gap for young professionals, and putting the final touches to our own estate planning service that has been in development for the last year; all services which were requested by you.

We will keep you up to speed with these projects. If you feel that there other services, that you would like us to provide, then please contact us or feel free to use our internal suggestions box by emailing ideas@mansecapital.com.

Thanks to you, last year was an exceptional year for us and we engaged many of your friends, family and working colleagues as new clients. This means that we will make further investment into developing our services based upon your feedback and ever changing needs.

Jon’s Shark Story
Recently I was having a coffee in Leeds and overheard an adviser providing “advice” to a young man, for everyone to hear. Alarmingly, this conversation was just one-sided, merely the adviser throwing around pension and ISA products and figures at an unresponsive and somewhat bewildered listener. ‘And if you don’t like the fund you are in you can just swap it for another one that is doing better…’ was one gem. I was dumbfounded but obviously couldn’t intervene, despondent that the intention of RDR to stop this “policy flogging” mentality to the benefit of the consumer.  Keep an eye out for RDR II – The FCA Strikes Back!

Exam Success
As you will know, we put an emphasis on continuous professional development (CPD), and we have recently seen Imelda, Karl and Sarah passing yet more exams to achieve Fellowship of the Personal Finance Society; a really fantastic effort by them all.