The Krypton Factor

Earlier this month the whole Manse team headed up to North Yorkshire to the home of the official Krypton Factor to face its infamous assault course.

When Sarah, one of our Financial Planners, announced the activity of choice for our company day out there was a mixed reaction. To some, images of army clad individuals crawling through mud and climbing up 60ft trees fearfully sprang to mind. The slightly more competitive members of the team just smiled, and the younger members of the team looked blankly and asked ‘what is the Krypton Factor?’

Despite the mixed reactions everyone was keen for a day out of the office, especially as we managed to secure one of the only sunny days in June. Once arrived we were split into two teams, naming ourselves ‘The Planners’ and ‘Team Stink’.  Whilst both appropriately named they do fall at very different ends of the maturity level.

Our first challenge set the tone for the day; we had to climb a huge, shaky tree and zip-wire down to the bottom. If that wasn’t fearful enough then the bellows of an ex-military man, shouting each command and allowing no room for questions , certainly increased the tension in the air. However, everyone cheered each other on and soon we had all completed the task in no time. Evidently the activity’s aim of ‘team-bonding’ was certainly been met. The next task saw each team manoeuvring around an obstacle course, whereby you couldn’t touch the floor and had to transfer a number of items from start to finish. As we used ropes to hoist balls from hooks, and fill hole-ridden tubes to the top with water Laurie, a sixteen-year old on work experience, laughed throughout, knowing the secret to completing it. We still didn’t figure it out.

Finally, it was time for the course. The course had us jumping in wet muddy ditches, climbing up 9ft walls and scrambling under barbed wire. Yet whilst it was challenging, it wasn’t impossible, and we all felt rather pleased with ourselves when both teams completed it in less than 20 minutes, despite the promo video warning us ‘it is one of the hardest things that you will ever do’. In the end, ‘The Planners’ took the lead with 205 points, with ‘Team Stink’ only marginally behind at 195 points.

To see the full collection of pictures from the day head over to our Facebook page .


Although, be warned most of the pictures aren’t too pretty.