Off and Running...Albania Style

Living life with purpose . . . that’s why I found myself changing career some years ago so I could use my spare time to keep running long distances in remote parts of the planet! And having conversations with clients about how they too might live life with purpose makes my business day a fascinating one.

In September I’ll be one of just five runners/idiots (dependent on your perspective) from the UK joining 38 other runners/idiots from 20 countries to toe the start line of the Global Limits Hidden Treasure race in Albania. As ever, the object is just to finish: so many external issues can affect how these races pan out that anything else is a bonus.

With 220km/138 miles to be covered on foot across six consecutive days in remote areas with a total of 8,000m/26,200 feet of climb (and the same of descent) with temperatures of up to 35C, this race will be a completely different challenge to my previous exploits . . . there aren’t many mountains to train on in Yorkshire!

Mark Roe

Financial Planner