Case Study: Meet Tony and Patricia

“We are exhausted, fed up and would retire tomorrow if we thought we could afford to“.

This was pretty much the first sentence in a conversation I had some years ago with new clients who ran a business which demanded all of their time, with very little respite. Both in their early 60s and having worked every day for the previous 30 years, they were both pretty much at the end of their tethers. Our initial discussion focused on what they really wanted out of life and it was evident early in the conversation that the one thing that would make the most difference would be their ability to ‘put up the closed sign‘.

As we drilled down into more detail about their short and longer term objectives and understood more about their existing circumstances, it became clear that immediate retirement wasn’t just a pipe dream but a real possibility.

Over the course of the following couple of months we put together a financial plan incorporating their existing assets (a combination of property, cash and investment funds), their required income in retirement and using all the available tools at our disposal, constructed a proposal that we felt would ensure a secure, happy retirement and ease the obvious strains that the couple were under.

At our final strategy meeting we presented the idea to Tony and Patricia, who were both excited and relieved to know for sure that they could do exactly what they wanted to do and most importantly do it now.

Within a fortnight the closed sign had indeed been permanently put up and their retirement was well and truly underway. Nearly 10 years on they both look younger and are undoubtedly healthier and happier, reaping the rewards of many years of seriously hard work.

Without the ability to build well thought out, carefully constructed plans, backed by credible, achievable assumptions and an evidence-based investment philosophy, neither our clients nor indeed ourselves would have had the confidence to make the life changing move. Focusing on objectives and seeking financial advice, to live life free from financial stress, helped our clients Tony and Patricia change their lifestyle and retire at a time to suit them.

Jon Slater

Financial Planner & Director