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Case Study: Meet Mike

Case Study: Meet Mike

Meet Mike. Mike is 47, he is a Dentist and has two practices, one NHS and one private. Mike came to us with a wish list. He wanted to know when and if he could afford to sell the NHS practice and work part time in the private practice from age 50 and buy a property in the French Alps.

How much do I need to sell my business for?

How much do I need to sell my business for?

As a financial planning company advising many small and medium sized business owners (SME’s) this is probably the most asked question we get. Most SME owners have a deep attachment to their business as it was them who grew the initial seed from a fledging idea, invested their own capital in the project and took significant risk to grow the company or partnership in to a profitable enterprise.

The Latest Attack On Your NHS Pension – The Tapered Annual Allowance

Nick Crabbe from Leeds and Worcester wealth management and financial planning firm Manse Capital considers The Latest Attack on your NHS Pension – “The Tapered Annual Allowance”

The Government has for some time been mooting the idea of removing tax relief on pension contributions for those paying the highest rate of marginal tax (i.e. those earning more than £150,000).

NHS Pension Changes - Where Do I Start?

For our NHS clients, with the choice 2 campaign and the proposed reduction in the Lifetime Allowance to £1million, there is such a welter of conflicting information out there. As you know, we want to know how your pension fits into your life plan and not vice versa, so we are well versed in disseminating NHS pension information and tailoring to your plans.

NHS Pension and Lifetime Allowance

No Protection, Fixed Protection 2014 or Individual Protection 2014. Which is best for you?

This issue is the single biggest concern that is raised at review meetings by all our NHS Consultants, GP’s and Dentists and as a result we have created an analytical process that considers the following to help clients make the right decision.