True and Fair Costs

Transferable Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB)

Transferable Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB)

Nick Crabbe, a financial planner and director with Leeds financial planning firm Manse Capital has been talking to HMRC about whether the new Residence Nil Rate Band is transferable and this is the response he received from Danka Wigley in it’s IHT Policy Unit.

‘Investors Being Ripped Off?’

‘Investors Being Ripped Off?’ Surely some mistake…

You know by now that we subscribe to the notion of appointing low-cost passive fund managers to improve chances of a successful investment experience. Well, we are seeing more and more defection from the ‘dark side’ of active trading, not least because of the cost. Here, Neil Woodford, one of Britain’s best known ‘star’ fund managers, criticises his industry for charging customers too much…

Charges! Charges! Charges! FT Talks Investment Charges

A drum that we have been banging for the last twelve years at Manse is finally being heard in the larger arena of the financial services industry and the associated press that writes for it.

Recently, The Financial Times “FT Money” section ran an article on probably the most important yet deliberately opaque aspect of investing money in this country, “Hidden Costs That Eat Away at the Value of Your Portfolio” by Norma Cohen.