Joining LCF in the Community

This year our sponsorship activities are aimed at supporting Leeds Community Foundation. As mentioned in a previous post, this is a great charity who are dedicated to minimising the socioeconomic disparities across communities in Leeds by investing in grassroots social enterprises.

Last month, Tom and I were invited to spend the day visiting some of the community projects that the fund has supported. It was really important to hear the personal stories from people that have benefitted from the community hubs in action across the city. It was clear to see that the fund plays such an important part in helping bring opportunities to those that need it most in our city.

It is fair to say that Tom and I were blown away by some of the stories, and when the dark glasses went on, it wasn't just to mask the sunshine. We both said that we must redouble our efforts to raise the profile of the work and the people, so if you could look here and maybe find some way of supporting the fund too, that would be fantastic.

Simon Fitton