Are You Entitled to a Refund of Court Fees for Registering your Power of Attorney?

You may be entitled to a refund of Power of Attorney (POA) registration fees, be that for your financial affairs or your health and welfare, if it was registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) between April 1st 2013 and March 31st 2017. This is due to the OPG reducing their operating costs as more people register and subsequent efficiency improvements. However, from April 1st 2013 to March 31st 2017 they did not reduce their charges accordingly. With effect from April 1st 2017, the charge was reduced and a simple online claims process has been set up for those who registered their POAs in the qualifying period.

Refunds will be between £34 and £54 for each POA registered. Find out more and make your claim:

For those of you who have yet to put into place a Lasting Power of Attorney, there is no time like the present. Sadly none of us know what state of health we will be in tomorrow, let alone in five or ten years-time. If you do not have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place and you end up in a position where you are unable to look after your own property or financial affairs, then no one will be able to deal with your affairs on your behalf until such time as the Court of Protection has appointed a Deputy. This might not be who you would choose for yourself. In addition, it is worth noting, their powers would be much more limited than those you would be likely to give them. They would also have to re-apply to the court each year to be re-appointed, at a cost of £2,500 each time. Should you wish, you can also put into place a Lasting Power of Attorney for your personal welfare.

For more information contact us and we will be happy to talk you through the process and also recommend a suitable lawyer to draft and register the Lasting Power of Attorney for you.

Karl Lavery

Financial Planner & Director