Manse Runs for All

Back in 2016, following some long-standing health issues and a wakeup call in the form of a heart attack, I resolved to make a change and take on a new challenge and with the support of several members of the Manse team I took up running. Although a daunting prospect, the positives outweighed the fear.

As per Doctors orders, I started steady and formulated a plan to support me with my progress. I reduced my carb intake, further reduced an already low alcohol intake and took my trainers for a walk for the first time in years. As I got used to increasing my pace and distance, a few of the team muted the option of entering a few charity races. This in turn gave me further motivation and milestones to aim for, enabling me to structure my training plan.

In 2016 I completed 3 10k’s and this year I have completed a further 4 races. I owe most of my success to the advance planning and preparation ahead of the big day and in many ways this is similar to how we perceive financial planning. In order to reap the results and achieve my long-term ambitions, I had to plan from the outset and evaluate the opportunities for optimum success. Whether embarking on a journey to better health or aspiring for financial independence in retirement, both are more likely to be achieved with a well thought out plan from the outset.

This year, all the hard work and team effort was greatly rewarded as we fundraised for one of our charities of the year, The Jane Tomlinson Appeal. We are proud supporters of Jane Tomlinson’s legacy which is certainly alive and well.

As 2017 comes to a close and I look towards the race opportunities in 2018 all that is left is to formulate my next plan…

Paul Everett

Managing Director