Business Owners


At Manse Capital, we have been advising multiple business owners for years. Your business may be of any size, or based in any industry, but ultimately you are likely to have financial planning needs. 

The aim of your business is likely to be to provide the individuals and families, such as yourself and your employees, with the lifestyles you desire. You may ask questions, such as ‘when I choose to stop working, how much will I need to sell the business for to make sure I don’t have to work again?’, but also want to reassure your employees about the longer-term security of their employment.

These questions tend to fall into two main categories:

Business Protection

  • What happens if one of the business owners is unable to work through sickness or dies prematurely?

  • Does the existing shareholder agreement and connected insurance cover provide the business and the surviving families with the cash needed to survive?

  • Is the business protected against the loss of key employees?

These are typical questions that we find many companies struggle to answer. Fortunately, here at Manse, as business owners ourselves, we have years of experience helping business owners plug any gaps in their business, ensuring a sustainable legacy for future generations. 

Employee Benefits

From auto enrolment through to death in service and healthcare schemes, Manse Capital will guide you and your company, providing advice, recommending and implementing schemes that match employee wishes with company affordability and tick all the boxes in terms of legislation.

If you'd like to discuss any of these issues, please don't hesitate to get in touch.