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Bill and Sheila Griffiths had built up funds with several different companies during the course of their working lives, using fund managers and a number of different tax wrappers. They had also developed a good long-term working relationship with a stockbroker who looked after half of their investment portfolio.

Despite this, they were becoming increasingly disheartened with the amount of paperwork they had to complete each year and were concerned that they had no clear picture of their overall portfolio. They contacted Manse Capital to help them bring clarity to their financial position.


Our approach

During an initial meeting we got to understand Bill and Sheila’s financial situation, their lifestyle and their future plans.

At Manse Capital, we believe that your attitude to risk underlies every financial decision. We confirmed Bill and Sheila’s attitude to risk by asking a series of questions whilst clearly explaining the principles. Questions such as ‘how would you respond to investment losses?’ and ‘what kind of returns are you expecting?’. Answers to these questions, then assessed against Bill and Sheila’s financial and lifestyle goals, helped us to understand the investment returns needed and the acceptable level of risk within the investment portfolio.


The outcome

We managed the complex process and paperwork, aggregating the wide range of investments and tax wrappers on to a single investment platform, providing Bill and Sheila the clarity and control they required. This whole process took several years to complete, during which time we ensured that all annual tax allowances were utilised. It also reduced their costs by 1% per annum; a welcome addition.

Three years on, Bill and Sheila were so impressed with the service they received from Manse, they decided to move their stockbroker portfolio to us. Having achieved financial peace of mind, they now find that when the self-assessment deadline approaches it only take a few clicks of a button, rather than several weeks spent drowning in a sea of paperwork.