Life after Divorce




The extremely difficult and upsetting process of getting divorced usually brings with it significant emotional turmoil, along with many fears regarding your future and, more significantly, your ongoing financial security.

John found himself in this position after his marriage to Fiona, his wife of 14 years, ended. During the divorce proceedings, discussions were held between the two parties to try and achieve a collaborative settlement that would work for both of them. This proved difficult.


Our approach

By working in conjunction with his solicitor, Manse Capital were able to rebuild John’s long-term financial plan while looking at the various settlement options available to the couple. This work helped both John and Fiona to identify the best way to split the income and assets available so that both of them could move forward with their lives.


The outcome

John once again had control of his life and was able to plan his future with confidence. To ensure this new-found confidence remained permanent, the plan was set up to be reviewed every year. This ensured the process remained on track and new changes to John’s personal circumstances, legislation and investment returns were taken into account.