Individuals & Families


At the heart of our financial planning offering, is helping individuals and families to live life on purpose.

Firstly, we work to understand your values and aspirations and then build a workable, attainable financial plan that meets your goals.

Very few clients have a clear understanding of the ‘what would happen if’ questions that are the cornerstone of true financial planning. Questions can be many and varied but may typically be:

  • Is my financial plan adequate?

  • Is my family provided for?

  • At what age can we choose to stop work or ease up and still live exactly how we want?

  • What would happen if one of us dies prematurely or is taken ill?

  • What would I need to sell my business for in order to be financially independent?

  • Can I afford to take a year off to travel without risking my/our financial security?

  • How can I plan to educate my children?

  • Can I afford to gift money without risking my financial security.

  • Have I enough capital and income to know I won’t run out of money?

  • Can I afford to spend more money on a new home/car/project?

We go about answering these questions by leaving no stone unturned in understanding you and what you want life to look like. We then use cash flow forecasting technology, building plans with robust assumptions and backed by evidence-based investing to ensure that your plan keeps on track.

Once the plan is in place, we work with you year-after-year to make sure your plan continues to deliver and most of all, you stay calm and happy.

If you'd like to discuss any of these issues, please don't hesitate to get in touch.