Medical & Dental

Manse Capital has been financial planning for members of the Medical and Dental professions since 1996. In the last 21 years, we have therefore built up a great deal of expertise and knowledge concerning your career structures and the major issues you face when planning your finances.

Whether you are a Consultant or a General Practitioner and work for the NHS or privately, we understand the key arrangements that underpin your employment. Arrangements such as:

  • Your NHS Pension Scheme

  • Your Pay Scales

  • Your Sick Pay Regime

  • Your Death in Service Benefits

  • Buying in to and exiting General Practice including arranging funding

  • Providing Cover for Locum Responsibilities

In addition, we also understand the key problems that many in the Medical and Dental Professions are currently concerned about:

  • The impact of the Lifetime Allowance on your pension and calculating the best course of action

  • The impact of the Annual Allowance on your pension and the best way to meet any liability that may arise

  • The potential impact of CEA awards becoming non pensionable on your long-term retirement income and the best course of action to take if you currently have an award

  • Concerns about the introduction of the new NHS pension scheme from 2015 and the long-term impact this will have on your planning

  • The increased charge for membership of the pension scheme and calculations as to whether or not the scheme remains financially viable for older members

  • Concerns regarding existing Added Years Arrangements

All of the above issues are given expert consideration within the context of our Financial Planning process; and we have helped hundreds of Doctors and Dentists to build very successful Financial Plans that are continuing to deliver the peace of mind that they require as busy professionals.

If you'd like to discuss any of these issues, please don't hesitate to get in touch.