Karl Lavery

Chartered Financial Planner, Director

A Wealth Manager with over 24 years’ experience, Karl spends much of his time managing the relationships and technical affairs of his clients. Karl holds both Chartered (APFS) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) status, and uses his strong analytical skills and reputation for out of the box thinking to help his clients address strong emotive issues, such as wealth protection, succession planning, philanthropy and asset allocation.

Away from the office, Karl is keen on undertaking physically and mentally challenging events, combined with fund raising, to aid the work of several charities he supports, such as BLESMA, (the British Limbless Ex Serviceman’s Association). Aside from the extreme, energetic activities, he also enjoys hiking, golf, mountain biking and socialising.

What achievement are you most proud of?

Always standing up for what I believe to be right, irrespective of the odds or prejudices I have faced.

What drives you?

If we stand still and do not frequently step outside of our comfort zones to improve and evolve, we become stale, increasingly fearful of life and in business, we risk becoming a liability to our clients and business. Thus, for me, to rise to the challenges and seize the opportunities and to help others do the same, to overcome fears, evolve and become better and stronger. That for me is fulfilling and gives a deep inner satisfaction and sense of achievement.

What extinct thing would you bring back to life?

The Great British spirit of adventure and the courage to seize life with all its risks that has been knocked out of society by those who would have us pursue a safe, dull, comfortable existence.


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