Kate Smithson

Senior Financial Planning Analyst

Kate has worked in financial services for over 12 years and joined Manse Capital as a Financial Planning Analyst in January 2016. She holds the Chartered Financial Planner status and is proud to have achieved Fellowship of the Chartered Insurance Institute. In her role, Kate spends her time building financial planning models, writing reports and conducting research required to construct financial plans for clients.

In her spare time, Kate enjoys baking and her signature cake is a classic lemon drizzle. Kate regularly attends food shows to pick up cooking tips and has a love for travelling, indulging in the bright lights of New York, earlier this year, and the culinary delights on offer in the USA.

  • What is your hidden talent? - I can still couru across the floor after 20 years away from ballet.
  • If you weren’t doing what you do today, what other job would you have? - I think I would have been a chef. 
  • What extinct thing would you bring back to life? - Javan Tiger


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Call: 0113 258 2604