We pride ourselves on our reputation.

Take a look at what our clients, suppliers and associates have to say:

Simon is honest, reliable, trustworthy, candid and refreshingly lacking in bulls***. I know he’ll say what he thinks.
— MSL. Lawyer. London
Robert, I believe your strengths to be reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy and sincere with my needs paramount and no hard sell.
— Dr A Khan – Bradford, GP Partner
Right from the first meeting I felt very comfortable with Jon’s approach and through our subsequent meetings and communication I feel that the advice I have been given has been extremely sound and the administration required to bring everything together was conducted in such a manner that it seemed relatively seamless. From my experience I would have no hesitation in recommending Jon and his back up team.

Well done and thank you Jon, from one very satisfied customer
— Bryan Kellet
Nick is reliable, professional and personable. I use him because I like and trust him and he has never given me bad advice. I am pretty ignorant about financial matters and find it a help to have someone who can see the whole picture and advise appropriately rather than trying to do all the research myself. He understands NHS issues better than non-specialist advisors. He is easy to contact and although expensive I think the end justifies the cost.
— Rebecca Hierons, Maxillo Facial Surgeon, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Karl, we couldn’t in a month of Sundays understand what you know about your subject and your subject is our future. A lifeline to busy intelligent people who need someone exactly like you they can trust.
— Fiona & Gavin Barlow
Karl’s technical knowledge I percieve to be a strength, in that he is fully up to date with the latest products and has a good idea about financial strategies. Very engaging and always willing to help. Always returns calls.
— Andy Brown
Karl, having now used your services for some time, I remain convinced of your technical knowledge and proficiency. I am also of the view that you are concerned with our long term financial well-being rather than a desire to optimise your own income in the short term. Contact-ability – you are almost always contactable; technical knowledge and understanding – ability to match solutions to objectives; breadth of offering – you are effectively a one-stop-shop for all matters financial in nature.
— Matt Tombs, Transaction Services Director, PWC
Nick’s main strength is an ability to explain things clearly, as sometimes the ins and outs of financial planning are difficult to grasp! He is easy to relate to and discuss things with.

We use Nick because he was a family recommendation, he provides fee-based rather than commission-based advice, and we prefer to have an integrated approach to financial planning rather than buying isolated products/policies.
— Dr. Ian and Dr Claire Dyer Swansea, Wales
Karl is honest, straightforward, intelligent, thorough, rounded thinker, witty, quick, friendly, socially adaptable, enthusiastic, optimistic, helpful, encouraging, literate, good communicator, excellent team player.
— David Coldrick – Consultant, Wrigleys Solicitors
Simon’s manner is excellent; it would be easy to appear patronising to professionals who, whilst highly skilled in their own milieu, are lost in the world of finance. I like to think that he enjoys his work and is proud of his expertise. I can trust him to advise me on financial planning and let me get on with my plans for the future without worrying. His advice has been very reassuring.
— PS Hospital Consultant. Dewsbury.
Robert, I believe you to be trustworthy, good communicator, expert in your field.
— DI Consultant, Huddersfield

Karl, if there was a “best advisor in the world” competition, I would enter your name.
— Monica Olsson